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the difference

So, there was a tremendous thunderstorm last night. Really really loud and scary, even for me (usually Jim has to pull me back inside during storms, because I love to stand on the porch and fell the pressure in the air releasing.) And about 4 am, their was a thunderclap so loud that I instinctively looked up at the living room window, which was a mistake, because it was closely followed by a flash of lightening so bright (and it's own accompanying thunderclap) That I was effectively blinded by the afterimage.

I thought it had struck in our parking lot, (actually, I thought it had hit our porch) but since the usual volley of car alarms didn't happen, who knows. It was mighty close, though.

Then, about half a minute later, it did it again.

When I could see again, I had a few things to deal with - a raging light induced headache, and my internet and tv shutting themselves down. Last time this happened, we also lost the phone, and since I don't have a cell and it was a holiday, I was in solitary confinement. When Jim's alarm went off, the box in the closet was running on battery power, so I was afraid I would lose the phone at any moment.

Now, if this was a comcast story, I wouldn't even be telling you yet, because I'd still be waiting for an appointment. In fact, I *might* still be on hold.

But although it took a few calls and a little passing around, the Fios rep showed up shortly after noon and fixed it all. When we asked if we could put a surge suppressor in (since we have now had the "that never happens" disaster twice, he went out to the truck and brought one in and installed that too.

So, although I am not happy to have had the "never happens" disaster twice, I am amazed (especially after all my comcast years) at how efficient and polite they were about fixing it.

I never really got to bed, though (I did catch a nap around 3) so I have been clumsy and slow all day.

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