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cranky + icon set: karl urban

A little set of Karl icons.

I have bean, viggo and LotR upcoming, but not ready to post because - I have Sims 3 and have been a slug. Also, I am intermittently cranky due to the normal and abnormal vagaries of summer, and just upgrading to Leopard, (which does not make me cranky, but is intermittently frustrating while getting used to suddenly encountered differences or preferences that need resetting.)

The normal consisted of the apartment guys, who were supposed to replace my bedroom air conditioner on Monday. They showed up, but all they did was tilt it in the wall so the leaking (which is the problem) would drip outside on my roses instead of inside on my bedroom floor. I have been in this apartment since 1982. The air-conditioner in the bedroom is about 20 years old. I would like to have a more energy efficient model, especially with all that's going on, and I think I should be able to get it replaced. After all, *it is still leaking*. They said they would look into it, and call to set up an appointment to replace it if they got the green light.

So, of course, they showed up this afternoon without calling at all, and brought a lovely new living room air-conditioner. They don't run on the same voltage. Yeah.

They are supposed to come back Thursday with the right one. We'll see.

The abnormal consisted of this: Someone sent me a link to a picture of David, and when I followed it, (to Absolutely David Wenham, because why shouldn't I tell you who it was) I couldn't get in to the site without joining.

I dislike this nonsense, but I went ahead and signed up. I got a note saying I would get an email to follow. I followed the link, and when clicked -- nothing happen. Several weeks went by, and today I get an email saying "Our staff has opted not to approve your account, and therefore it has been removed."

Well, thanks so much, because I clearly don't deserve to be allowed in. *points back to all the pictures and where-to-buy links I shared in the ancient days before The Two Towers came out.)

Groucho Marx was clearly correct about joining groups, and I should remember that more often..... and he was also right about it being too dark to read inside a dog, but that's another story.

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