fileg (fileg) wrote,

drabble: Narya

for the challenge "red" at tolkien_weekly

Characters/Pairing: Gandalf
Rating: G
Book/Source: Unfinished Tales and others
Disclaimer: All of Arda belongs to The Professor

Some nights, as he gazed into the fire, he would remember that first journey – both body and spirit learning to grow more comfortable with the unfamiliar vessels that carried him into the east.

The Shipwright knew his crafts. Within the wanderer, grey as the sundering sea, he sensed both strength and uncertainty. He pressed into his hands a red stone burning in a gold band - "to keep the fires alight."

He carried it carefully, as one travelling a long road might carry a coal from a dying fire to bring forth in need a new one, further down the trail.
Tags: arda, drabble
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