fileg (fileg) wrote,

One of the few good things about aspidites new commute is that she passes close to us. We had a quick fly-by visit on Wednesday, which was quite a surprise since I had fallen asleep after being up all night fighting the tech wars and stumbled to the door in my big green bathrobe expecting UPS.

Tonight Jim (notarysojac) got home early after his lunch meeting with the guys he used to work with who (it looks like, crosses fingers) want very much to hire him when Ligand abandons him in July.

Since she doesn't have to commute tomorrow, aspidites joined us after work for dinner. (No rick-rolling at the salad bar tonight, but they were playing hungry like the wolf - fortunately not the Bruce Campbell version or plates would have been dropped.)

Now we are full and sitting about like torpid pythons, emailing each other around the living room, and watching the Anarchy in the UKlele concert by the Ukekele Orchestra of Great Britian.

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