fileg (fileg) wrote,

idle thoughts

I call upon your gathered knowledge, O friends List - The book I am currently reading talks about Moas and at one point states, "Its eggs weighed 220 pounds."

Really? Pounds?

I am having trouble believing this.
This is a travel narrative, not a science book, so I figured I would look it up when I got up today. But, the internets have failed me.

I remain skeptical.


One of my icon games gave me three pictures of Viggo to choose from, and I found that I was only able to work with 2 of them. Not unusual in itself, I can be a pain if a crop I like does not present itself.

But this time, the problem is that the picture is taken at a particular angle, such that every time I looked at it, I had a moment where I thought of Vince from The Mighty Boosh.

Now, there are two people I never thought I would mention in the same sentence.

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