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I have another *found stuff* link to share because I don't want to fall back into the habit of not posting. (What I really want is to hit my stride again, and post what I want without worrying about it. I miss that. I am happy to be posting at all though - and happier than I can say to be writing again, even a little.) I haven't even been playing in my graphics games much - it leaves me too much free brain. Thank god for The Sims.

I think the personal stuff will come back once we're settled on the other side of this situation. I have high hopes that everything is going to work out well, but I am so unsettled by the changes, and that's never been what I like to share here. I get too cranky, too crazy, too boring...)

So far - our doctor couldn't figure out what is causing Jim's "barometer dizziness", and sent him to a specialist. The verdict is it's probably a viral infection or a mild case of Ménières. He has an appointment next week so they can check him for hearing loss. (Yes, this is a good answer to me - as Jim told Jory (our doctor), "You know how Tay is - she's afraid I have a brain tumor." Jory, deadpan, replied, "Yes, she's very creative." Jory actually works out of the Princeton hospital and his students do call him House.)

Next week is Jim's last week of work. Since they didn't extend his contract, I convinced him to take the last week off with some of the numerous vacation days he accumulated by never taking them because someone always needs him.

Now that we are down to the wire, he has been called in twice to handle the server room *shutting itself down* - once on the Sunday of the Holiday weekend, and then again last week at 5am. (Of course, they have no way of knowing that I am often still awake then, and if I hadn't been, Jim, who was laying on his good ear, would have slept through the call. When I realized that he was getting dressed, I thought - why did I tell him the phone was ringing?) I fully expect them to continue to call after his termination date, just because they are used to calling him for emergencies, and there won't really be anyone else to call - Ah, but if they do, it will no longer be a work call, and they will get to talk to *me* at 5 am! I hope they are prepared to pay contractor fees.

I just hope they don't call during the actual *vacation* days, because "Frederic" will feel obligated to respond.

Anyway - as I am out looking for birthday presents for Jim, here are 2 things at Think Geek that amused me

Photoshop Magnet Kit

So you can make your refrigerator look like you are photoshopping your family. Or turning your favorite actors into slash pics....

You know, I can hardly look at this picture without the urge to rearrange the work area.

Pantone Espresso Cup and Saucer Set

For those of us who know *precisely* how we like our coffee, now you can have the color and Pantone number right on the cup so your spouse will know if it's perfect before they bring it to you in bed.

Jim often brings me my beverage of choice in bed, so you can all be impressed by that. (But, you don't have to be too impressed, since my breakfast/beverage of choice is a prepackaged boxed protein shake.)
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