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after the deluge 3

Having a less stressed day -- a day that doesn't start out with the folder where you store everything missing from your desk top is bound to be better ---

Jim and I went out and ate bad things for dinner. Almost every time we eat at Crackerbarrel, we end up talking first-age while we wait to be seated, and I almost always come home with a story idea. This time I actually needed a first age idea, and one that ought to be second nature to Jim -- and nada. So, I consoled myself with cornbread and blackberry preserves - take that, Dr. Atkins. sometimes comfort food is necessary comfort.

Then we rolled home in a carb stupor, curled up on the couch and watched Cosi and Grave of the Fireflies. Well, I won't be writing after that, I am under the couch. (or would be, except I won't fit tonight)

Talked to Lee and Annaliese last night and got to hear their first impressions on ROTK. I am missing them both tremendously this year, but I am starting to perk up as we approach the part of the holidays where we celebrate.

Lee has made me two fab-oo desktops, and tonight they came up at the same time, which cracked me up. (yeah, I run a 21" monitor and the screen from my power book - did I mention I *LOVE* my macs?)

click and share...

Loki is a self explanatory as it gets. The other, which says in its word balloon "Wheee! I'm an animator!" commemorates our reaction to the work in the fine piece of crap cinema that is the Bakshi version of LoTR. (Our other family saying from this *cough* film *cough* is "Boromir — are you ok?" I am still hoping for that desktop to materialize.)

Hoping to post a card tonight as well. In the meantime -- here's some Dave ---

Tags: art, caps, lee, weaving, wenham

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