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Tolkien Meme

from Ashinae

1. When did you first become a LOTR fan?:
Chapter 10: "What his right name is I've never heard: but he's known round here as Strider."
I believe it was was June of 1963

2. Have you read the books?:
only enough to memorize them

3. Seen the movies?:
only enough to memorize them

4. What is it that you love about LOTR?:
The sense of history, mythology and reality. The characters are real to me. I am an avid - nay, a compulsive reader - but out of all the books I have read, even those I read again and again, this book teaches me something new every single time I read it. Amazing!

5. How many times did you see each of the movies:
In the theatres? FotR: just under three dozen; TT: about a dozen - we had to drive much farther to find a theater still showing it, and it had a much shorter run RotK: four so far.

6. Times you've read the books:
approx every 18 months since 1963

7. Just how obsessed are you with LOTR?:
Just how important is having a soul?

8. Can you speak elvish?
A little. Pigeon-elvish. But, I have had dreams where elvish was spoken, and been able to look it up when I woke.

9. Did you dress up for any of the movie premieres:

10. Most memorable moment as a fan:
When they attached the TT trailer to FOTR - one second I am being *clobbered* by Theoden reciting the Song of Eorl; then suddenly, Faramir turns his head in the woods. Faramir. In the woods. Faramir. No, really... Faramir. I've only waited fourty years to see him. I spoke aloud. In the theater. I *hate* people who do that. I gasped. "Faramir!" I turned to Chris, tears running down my face. "Faramir's Mouth!" I think I may have bitten her then, to shut myself up.

first heart touching moment for me was -- When the firelight shone in Strider's eyes in Bree

11. Favorite of the books:
It's one book!
OK - Book 2: The Ring Goes South

12. Favorite of the movies:
It's one movie, as well!! And it's much too soon to know if Faramir on the Pyre will eclipse the mythic pain of Parth Galen.

13. Favorite overall character:
In case you missed it - Faramir!

14. Character you find most attractive:
Dunedain. (Blood of Numenor - Faramir-Boromir-Aragorn) But Faramir First!

15. Favorite couple:
Tuor and Idril (there are no canon couples worth the name in LoTR)

16. Favorite hobbit:

17. Favorite elf:
(I like Elrond, and I ache for Celeborn at the end)

18. Favorite man:
Faramir. Tuor. Dunedain.

19. Favorite dwarf:

20. Favorite wizard:
Radagast the Brown

21. Favorite orc:

22. Favorite villian:

23. Favorite horse:

24. Favorite scene from the books:
Meeting Eomer. Henneth Annun. Council of Elrond. Parth Galen. Pyre of Denethor.
Go Away, it's one book.

25. Favorite scene from the movies:
The Departure of Boromir. The Song of Eorl. Faramir says - "Then it is Forfeit."

26. Coolest creature:
Huan. Book Gwaihir. Thorondor. The fox.

27. Scariest creature:

28. Cutest creature:
ahh, I'll say Pippin. Faramir deserves more dignity than this.

29. Favorite quote:
"I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend: the city of the Men of Númenor; and I would have her loved for her memory, her ancientry, her beauty, and her present wisdom."

30. Where would you want to live in Middle Earth?:
Emyn Arnen. The Mouth of Sirion.

31. What kind of creature would you be?
I'd like to try elven....

32. What's your weapon of choice?:

33. Are you good/evil/somewhere in between?:
I prefer real...
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