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Writer's Block: If you have nothing nice to say, sit next to me!

What was the juiciest gossip you ever overheard about a friend, partner, or co-worker? Did you repeat it even though you suspected it wasn't true?

I'm not into gossip, and if people insist on telling me something about someone I care about, I usually call them right away and tell them - so people who like gossip for the sake of it seldom tell me twice.

However - if we're talking generic and juicy, (though most of you are probably too young to care about this) In the book I just finished reading, there is a passage which recounts (circa 1967) attorney Roy Cohen's attempt to bring some discredit to Bobby Kennedy by insisting he was having an affair with Rudolph Nureyev!! (apparently no one in the room was buying it even at the time.)

Did I repeat it, even though we suspect it isn't true? Well, that is what I just did, neh? But I'm not really gossiping -- I'm quoting page 120 of Bobby and Jackie - a love story by David Heymann.

By the way - I saw Nureyev dance three times (once from front row center) in the early 70's and honestly - who could have resisted him?
Tags: gossip, writer's block

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