fileg (fileg) wrote,

my christmas survey from facey-spaces

Candy canes or ribbon candy?

Twas the night before christmas or A christmas carol?
Christmas Carol

Fruit cake or fudge?
Fruit Cake. If a fight breaks out, you can't effectively clobber anyone with fudge!

Your favorite Christmas song?
Our king he is dressed in silks of the best with ribbons so rare no king can compare.....

Your three favorite Christmas movies?
CHristmas Story, Better Off Dead and The Great Escape (thank you Tulkas)

Who stole Christmas?
The Gubbimint

What was the most famous reindeer of all?
Well, Vixen is probbly the most popular...

Your favorite Christmas tradition?
mummers parade on New Years Day

Your favorite Christmas decoration?
I have lots of hand carved ornaments that Jim made me, but Sumo Santa is my favorite

Traditional dinner or something different?
low carb lasagna

Your favorite Christmas desert?
If I could have them, it would be Linzer tartes

Solid color lights or multi colored lights?

Blinking lights or non blinking lights?
twinkling. But, if you blink in series, you crack me up. Also - no frenzied fireflys.

Do you do Christmas dinner or go to somebody's house?
we used to do both, now it's more low key

Do you beleive in Santa and the North Pole?
?? How can you not believe in the North Pole? Don't you have a compass??

White Christmas or green Christmas?

Its a wonderful life or A christmas story?

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