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reading fictional fiction

I fill these out in the little reading program on facebook, where they keep the oldest book at the top, and have no way to find my old postings. That's too stupid for me, I am going to copy them here where I can tag them. They won't be real reviews (for the most part), just list-keeping.

Currently Reading:

Heat Wave (Nikki Heat) by Richrd Castle

I usually post these on my facebook after I finish a book, in case I have something to say. (I usually don't)

But, I can't tell you how ridiculously excited I am to be reading a book written by a fictional character. Nathan Fillion's author portrait (as Richard Castle) on the back of the book is worth the price of admission (which in my case was really small, since my fabulous library had me at the top of the waiting list and I got it first!)

I hope it turns out to be good -- wouldn't that be a bonus!
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