fileg (fileg) wrote,

20 Questions Meme

Do you wish you had more or less siblings ?
Probably more. I'm an only child. And so is my brother.

Who is you favorite late night host ?
Craig Ferguson

Do you think the death penalty deters criminals ?

Which CSI ....original, NY, Miami ?
original, still

Weirdest food you ever ate ?
I once made Chicken with Tang. Hey, the astronauts like it!

Strangest place you ever had sex ?
Can't think of any place that seemed strange

Bruce Sprinsteen or Bon Jovi ?

Have you ever cheated on your spouse ?
not this one

Have you ever purchased a knock-off bag & pretended it was an original ?
what does this mean? Like a purse? I don't carry one, I have a pocket.

Favorite Christmas carol ?
Throw the yule log on, uncle john or god rest ye merry, gentlemen. Both dependant on their punctuation.

What was the last purchase you made that cost over $500.00 ?
As tempted as I am to say books, it was probably the TV (not that I bought that alone) My shopping sins are cumulative rather than large.

Have you ever eaten a raw egg ?
Not by itself. I've eaten several things with raw egg in them - like cookie dough.

Would you cheat on your taxes if there was no chance of being caught ?
no, but if I were to say yes, it would be based on my belief that the IRS has no right to exist outside the system of checks and balances.

Should cell phones be banned everywhere cigarettes are ?
No, as long as people speak in their indoor voice if the are in fact indoors. Someone speaking in the next booth at the diner is no different in its impact on me as two people speaking in the next booth.

Best decade for music ?
1964-1974 That really should say favorite, not best. Best is meaningless.

Did music start its decline with the start of rap ?
not music, but the coverage and availabllity seemed to begin declining about that time, which could be serendipity.

Name something sentimental you will never part with ?
pictures of my mother as a child

Michael Jackson ?? solo or as a group member ?
Neither, thanks. group if I must.

Most exotic vacation spot you have been to ?
I'm not given to exotic. I like Toronto if I get a chance to go away.

Last book you read ?
Between the Bridge and the River. Currently reading: Peter and the Starcatchers, but I don't think I'll finish it. In the que: A Land of Two Halves

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