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auto woes

Well the good news was we got to spend most of a day with Fritz (aspidites). We drove her home to Delaware, got to pet her kitties, and finally got to have dinner at her local Canadian restaurant (the one with a mountie that looks like Robert Goulet.)

The bad news was the reason we were driving her home - she totaled her car not far from us on the way to work. Ouch!

At least when you get a call or email from someone in that position, you can guess they are probably ok - but I had to see her before I could feel sure. (She was, really)

And, we got to drive her to the West Windsor Impound lot to pick up her stuff. It was a good thing the iphone directed us, because not only is it actually in Grover's Mill, but I would never have picked that particular farm as the one with the impound in the back. (We also got to see horses running about, and several very sweet classic 50's cars being worked on.

The cars surrounding aspidites car looked much worse than hers, but that didn't really help her - crunched is crunched after all.

It hasn't been a good time for cars. Chris just acquired a new one - she was in fact on her way to window-car shop, knowing her caravan's days were drawing to a close. With her Mom in Tennessee so ill, she had put about a million miles on it. Also, aside from all the mechanical wear and tear, the thought of spending another summer in a car with no air whose windows have not been operational for 2 years was not appealing. When she stepped on the brake she had her foot go to he floor with no effect. Luckily, in spite on being in heavy traffic, she was able to coast to the side of the road without incident. (We dove her down to pick up her spiffy new used caravan from a nice dealership who "puts a bible in every car to give you a little added protection." hmmmm. And, we found an authentic dive and had Italian food)

Our greenbean was out of commission most of last week. Jim had an interview, and as he arrived a light on the dash came on and he realized the passenger compartment was, shall we say - damp? on both sides. We had a cracked heater core, leaking at both ends.

The part was inexpensive but the labor? They had to disassemble the entire dash to work on it. Apparently, everyone who came through the garage for the three days it took to fix would gasp and exclaim some version of "Oh, my god - what are you doing to them?"

Still, all things considered, I think we won't complain.

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