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Icon meme!

I was just thinking about changing up my icons when I ran into this:

- Reply to this post with the phrase I LOVED YOU ACROSS TIME and I will pick six of your icons.
- Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
- Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
- This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

zillah975 chose these, and like her I will add that if you like you may pick more of my icons and ask me about them.

. . . . .

This is a quote from Tim Ward that is a great favorite of mine. I first encountered it in the the excerpt Fire Beneath The Skin when I was reading The Road Within: True Stories of Transformation and the Soul

I made this icon for an icon game I played in a while back, called legible icons. (sadly, it didn't last long) It was my turn to pick a quote, and I had had in mind for some time that I needed this. Both the silhouette and the single star were found stock. It is still one of my most used icons, and one of the most requested to use by others.

The art is Minas Tirith from above, by the awesome Alan Lee (who I have loved since the 70's). This piece appears in The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook. We drove down to Phildelphia to see Alan speak when he was on a signing tour for it.

My OC has the nickname North Star (and I hope Gil-Forod approximates that, though my elvish is basically non-existant) So I was struck by the fact that I could crop the city to look like part of a compass rose.

(North as a direction is a big thing for me, but it is not a big deal in Middle-earth, where all maps orient to the west.)

The picture is Hugh Jackman and was assigned in an icon game. The quote is from Dave Carter's Snake-Handlin' Man. It's a ranger picture to me, sort of their version of Be Prepared--
everything that a woman might need
and the need just might arise
i'm a light-bringer and a soul-singer....

I don't really know anything about this picture except that when I encountered it, it spoke to me immediately. I cropped it to make it looks as much as possible like the open water and the enclosed water (the universe and my soul) are the same. The crossing is a way to join them.

When I am rereading LoTR, the place where it takes wing for me is when Frodo says 'Perhaps I shall cross the River myself one day.' To which the other half of his mind always replied: 'Not yet.'

Such a dangerous moment for me in Return of the King. This is when Denethor says he would have preferred it if Faramir had died. I was terrified the movie was going to have Faramir answer "me too" - but he looks at his father and just turns and leaves. I like to think he's thinking - fuck you, old man! (In proper Gondorian phrasing, of course) I've never been so proud of someone's back.

I also love the curves of the door, and Faramir's head and shoulders. And I love the little lacings at the neck of his leathers.

I think this was a game entry. I didn't make this one of Viggo for any special reason. I just loved the shadow on the black & white photo. The three little specks were made from a picture of three sparrows flying. (I do stuff like that often, even though I know it won't mean anything to anyone but me. I might just as easily have used a plain pixel, since that's really all that's left!)
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