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icon meme part 2

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Dream of Numenor

I'm not overly partial to animated icons, but I needed to make this one. The map is Numenor, and the wave is Hokusai's wave, (The Great Wave off Kanagawa) which is the one I always think of as The Wave. (Recently there have been some wave studies that have taken pictures of the turbulence of curling of waves and broken them down to very very close views - and they seem to match Hokusai's's curl patterns. So Cool.)

Water is usually a symbol of life, and Tolkien certainly uses it that way - so the drowning wave is an image I've thought about a lot. Did Tolkien mean it to be both the death and the saving of Numenor, since they were on the brink of trying to make themselves immmortal?

Faramir says that he dreamed of the great wave that destroyed Numenor, and Tolkien in his letters said that he did as well. And so have I - though I didn't relate it to the drowning of Numenor until I read LoTR. I think it might have something to do with apnea, at least for Tolkien and my young self. Faramir is exempt from that theory, and his dreams are unquestionably a connection to something or somewhere else.

kiwi fileg

Years ago Jim bought me a set of clip art with petroglyphs from several different cultures, (and some with glyphs of modern activities) that I used often when I was working with the concert production group. This little bird was labeled as a road runner, but he doesn't look anything like a roadrunner to me. He does have just the shape I think of for a kiwi, though.

When I first started to be fileg, it amused a number of my friends who know that I have a phobia about flying (I don't even do it in my dreams. Even when I am traveling through space under my own power in dreams, I walk). It seemed evident to me that I was meant to be a flightless bird. And since I have had a thing for kiwis since I was kid, and they had a new connection to Middle-earth - I made the kiwi fileg icon.

weasel negima

Negima is a harem style anime/manga about a precocious young wizard about 10 years old who has come to Japan for his first job as a teacher at a girls academy. The girls all treat him like he is some sort of special pet, and hijinks ensue.

Shortly after Negi came to Japan, he was joined by his companion animal from back home in Wales. Chamomile is an ermine, and he's always starting mayhem, which usually ends up in Negi embroiled in trouble and double entendres.

One night when he was reading in bed, Jim said to me that Negi was in trouble all the time, and I replied - isn't that what usually happens when boys take advice from their weasle? So boys - don't let the little brain make the decisions.....


It's hard to see now that it's only 100 pixels square, but that yin yang is an egg frying in a black pan, with the yoke moved to make the 2 circles by its absence and presence. I have a bigger version in my desktops, where you can see more clearly the handle of the pan.

cranky blackbird

Bird pictures just speak to me. But in this case, there is also a connection to my arc - In my private stories, Faramir is often referred to as The Raven, and as an endearment, as Blackbird. So, here he is. Fierce!
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