fileg (fileg) wrote,

status update

Late last week Jim got an unexpected call from someone he used to work with at Pharmacopeia who is now the COO of Kingley Health. They were looking for someone who could basically be a jack of all trades - handle graphics, marketing, desktop support, web, video, etc. etc. as needed - and she immediately thought of Jim since that's the sort of thing he did.

They asked him to come in and interview on Monday, and he accepted the position of Creative/IT Specialist this morning.

I will really miss having him at home after a year +, and we will miss the perks he had accumulated after 15 years at pcop, but I am happy and relieved in this economy to know that things look good (and grateful we didn't have to resort to buying him suits and ties or cutting his hair).

Thanks to all of you who kept us in your good thoughts over the past year. Here's hoping all goes well.
Tags: domestic life
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