fileg (fileg) wrote,

Where have I been?

The short answer is that Jim and I pretty much lost all immunity to germs while he was home unemployed for a year, so once he went back to work, he began bringing home every cold germ he encountered, and happily shared them with me.

Since Jim's secret persona is Frederick, the slave of duty from Pirates of Penzance, he just kept bringing them home.(His doctor actually wrote him a prescription at one point that said: STAY HOME and sleep).

Now, I realize how lucky I am in the long run not to have had anything serious going on, but there were entire weeks where Nyquil owned my life, making me sleep all day. Jim says I reacted to being unconscious so much by starting to talk constantly in my sleep. I know the dreams were amazing.

(And I missed all the winter holidays, and feel completely cheated in that respect.) He even had to harvest my farmville farm as I blithered away in the recliner, sound asleep.

I am tired of the whole thing, and since I am not sleeping all day now, I am hoping to get back to journaling....
Tags: family

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