fileg (fileg) wrote,

a music meme: comment and I'll give you a letter;
tell me five favourite songs that start with it.

stultiloquentia gave me N (for North)

N turned out to be a much harder letter than I expected. A lot of the people I had been considering turned out not th have any N songs. But, that brought up a bunch of favorites I hadn't thought about in awhile.


This was one of the few that did - not my favorite song of his, but in my top 3

Ni remords ni regrets
Stephan Eicher -


Native Son
I didn't like any of the video versions of this enough to link them.
The sound was so inferior I just went for the audio


Mark Erelli
northern star

for a moment there, North thought she was going to get her own 5


I am such a shameless shriekback fan...


October project
Now I lay me down

I see that this song is listed as Eggs and Sausage now, but I swear the vinyl version was called Nighthawks (eggs and sausage). Anyway, the Album is certainly called Nighthawks, so I'm going to cheat if necessary.

Tom Waits
Nighthawks at the Diner


Not the song I would have chosen, but his only N

Tim Minchin
Not Perfect


bonus track, because you specifically said my N was for North -
(I wore out much vinyl in the early 70's)

Sandy Denny
The North Star Grassman and the Ravens

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