fileg (fileg) wrote,

my first time - fannish five

1) What is your favorite science fiction film?
Ever? Ummmm.... Forbidden Planet. first runner up: SIlent Running

2) What is your favorite, if you have one, chick flick?
Can someone tell me what a chick flick actually is? Movie with girls, girly movie, lesbian spank inferno...?

3) What is your favorite buddy film?
If Aragorn and Boromir count, there is no competition... otherwise... Topsy Turvey... or 1776 (grin)

4) What is your favorite B movie -- you know it isn't good, but you adore it anyway?
Anything by Ray Harryhousen. I get the mad giggles when Sinbad shrinks the princess and puts her down his pants for safekeeping...

5) What is your favorite lame film? For this purpose lame is defined as: a film that would have been good except for one nagging thing, i.e. it was well acted and written but it was a cliched plot or it was a good film, but it came out at the wrong time for it so it didn't work.
This is so hard! Equilibrium. Visually, beautiful...
Tags: fannish five, film

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