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An Anniversary Exchange

Chris sent this note to the Henneth Annun line today to commemorate my anniversary:

And a pointer to all the men out there - unless you are an exhibitionist, remember not to go commando whilst wearing a kilt, particularly if you are not used to it. It causes a crowd to gather at the photo developer's as the prints make their way through the conveyor belt in the mall window. (A lesson learned after a certain wedding celebration, eons ago.)

Happy anniversary to Shunt (not the man in the kilt) and Tay!

Chris (not the Chris in the kilt)
With fond and somewhat lecherous memories of the day.

Eons, indeed. Jim and I have three anniversaries-- (best not to ask.) We have been together since 1977, but in **1985,** during the mop-up from Hurricane Gloria, we had a handfasting and renewal of our vows in order to change our anniversary to today, (which is the only anniversary we expect anyone but us to remember.)

Chris is not kidding, so if accidental full frontal male nudity offends you, don't look at this wedding photo. Men in kilts! Gotta love 'em. (There are several reasonably well know fantasy artists in this photo, as well as 3 HASA members, but I'm not telling)

If anyone read my dwarf story Gifts of Lifeand saw in my notes that my!Gimli is based on my friend Christopher Quinn Eldrich — that's him. Umm... all of him.

The photos really did go through the developing window in the mall, and especially amused two little boys very much. Robin Wood (high priestess du jour and heart-sister) walked over to see what the giggling was all about, and nearly had to be carried out of the mall she was laughing so hard.
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