fileg (fileg) wrote,


notarysojac and I play FarmVille, and
we decided to share this piece from Jim Infantino
and dedicate it to Zynga.

I think it's best to lj cut this one.
I love Infantino, but this isn't necessarily why...

Dick Day

So you wake up in the morning and it's Dick Day.
and you're still in the same 'kiss my ass' suit from the night before
and it stinks from that 'flip you the bird' drink
that some 'bird' flipped at your crotch.
So you head on down to the Big Loser
and order a cup of 'Fuck-You' coffee
and two eggs - the Hard Way -
from a waitress with a tattoo on her arm that says
'Suck My Cock' and you don't.

And the schlub in the booth next to you is screaming
at his plate of cprned-beef-fuckin-hash
so you figure it's time to leave anyway
and you do.

And it's raining down piss out on the corner of
'Fuck Off' and 'Die'
and you just stand there trying to light up
the wrong end of a Shithead filter
with some ass-wipe of a mutt having
it's pathetic way with your right pant leg
and a Schmegmabräu truck kicking a phlegm puddle up in your face
with the driver yelling "Have a nice day Scum-bag!"

'Fat chance' you say,
it's Dick Day.

11-12-93 South Boston, MA
transcribed by notarysojac with misspellings intact from
"bomb in the back seat - 13 poems by Jim Infantino"
Tags: poetry

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