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The Friday Five for 29 April 2011...

Since it is after midnight, it is no longer William and Kate's wedding day, but my anniversary.

This is not the anniversary we make a fuss over (it's our legal anniversary, but we make more fuss for our handfasting anniversary.) Jim (notarysojac) and I have been together since 1977, so I feel competent to answer these questions.

In honor of the royal wedding this morning:

1. What are your overall views on marriage?
Similar to my views on children. If it's for you, it's great. If not, you shouldn't cave in to what other people think.
Also, I think marriage works out best for couples who want the same things. Jim and I could spend 24 hours a day together, and we both love that, but I have friends who would be driven straight up the wall by that kind of thing.

I learned a lot of this from the mistakes I made in my first marriage, which lasted about 2 years, not all of them good. My mother, who had done something similar, once told me - marriage is like making waffles - you almost always have to throw the first one away.

2. Are you married// is marriage something you want?
I am what I guess you would have to call very married.

3. Do you like the symbolism of wedding rings? Why or why not?
I do, and we have Claddah rings, which symbolize friendship, love and trust. Jim never takes his off, but I hardly ever wear mine since I used to catch it in everything, and I actually broke the first one.

4. What do you think is the best age, ideally, to get married? (In general.)
When you are ready.

5. Which is worse: shotgun wedding at 17, or meeting your partner when you're in your sixties?
Again, I think that when is an individual decision. Some people may not be ready till they are 60.
But I will say that a shotgun wedding, as I understand it, is based on a mistake you don't have to make. So, not meeting someone, which you have no control over, seems sadder to me.

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