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week 2 Two Towers

I have not written about the big screen LoTR experience, mostly because by the time we crawl home and have a midnight dinner,we both fall asleep in our recliners.

I did want to mention that I frequently consider whatever next step technology wants me to take to be more hype than substance, but I cannot tell you how impressed Jim and I were with the new picture quality. (I am actually no longer embarrassed about having long ago pre-ordered the bluray editions when I do not, in fact, own a player yet. I am going to want to remake all my icons!)

Unbelievable detail! It was almost like watching them for the first time. Fellowship caused Jim, Chris or I to squee repeatedly about a scene we have in reality seen a million times. (Fellowship in particular - Chris and I literally drove an hour to see it in the *2nd run theater* every single week it was there, which was nearly a year. I have a box of ticket stubs.)

While the quality was the same mindblowing crisp and beautiful tonight - there are a few things about TT -- I found that I now could not stop looking at orc teeth. Actually, at almost everyone's teeth. And orc teeth showing through cheek wounds. And I must say, as I said to Jim in the theater - if I had never seen the remastered big screen bluray edition of gollum's butt crack, I might have been a happier girl.


Driving over to meet up with Chris tonight, I remarked to Jim that is they had started this series a week earlier, that Aragorn;s wedding, which happens on Midsummer day, would have actually happened on Midsummer day.

Also, due to a conversation Jim and I had in the car, I am wondering if there is actually a Rohan/Bronies contingent, or if that only happens in my fevered brain....

when I got home around midnight, my facebook alert told me Chris sent me a request in FarmVille 2 hours ago. Hmmm. Strange, because 2 hours prior, Chris was sitting next to me in the theater.

And lastly, I was amused by this picture
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