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Writer's Block: What's been seen can’t be unseen

What is your LEAST favorite movie of all time, and why?

I'm not sure what criteria I would be use to pick out the *least favorite* movie, but I can tell you that after watching the movie Beastmaster I turned to my husband and said - "The next time I want to walk out on a movie this much, I am going to actually do it."

And the movie I subsequently actually walked out on was Spacehunter, adventures in the forbidden zone - even though I was with a group of about a dozen people and I had to sit outside on the steps and wait for them till the movie was over. (I always carry a book)

And although it seems like it would be my kind of thing, I disliked Tankgirl so much that I walked out of a friends house.

Maybe I'll go with Fifth Element - Jim and Chris both loved it, and I not only left the room, I ended up putting in two pair of earplugs to stop the noise.

But different parameters would lead me to diferent movies- for instance, Chris recently talked me into the Star Trek reboot and I still haven't completely forgiven her (though I will...)

It seems to me lately that I never really answer these questions, but use them to tell you something sort of related. I'm not sure if this tells you about the way my brain makes connections, or if it indicates that I would like more interesting questions. (perhaps not having to do with death or school)
Tags: movies, quizzage, writer's block
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