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When Annaliese and I first discussed doing some tarot cards together, I don't think she imagined she would be *in* them. But here in the midst of Winter, when so many people I love are suffering from SAD, this was too good a chance to pass up. So, here is Annaliese once again. I have chosen her for two reasons - first, there are some very specific ideas connected with the sun reversed, and when I re-read them tonight, I thought of her at once. The other reason is the physical reversal of the expected - the sun is subordinate to Annaliese here, basking in her warmth, as though it has chosen her as its hibernation site. That works for me as well.

click on her self-portrait to see her amazing photo journal...

The Sun, Reversed

Many of the cards are weakened when reversed, but the sun tends to be more focused this way - not spread so thin, though it will gladly shed its light as you try projects, looking for your own clarity and enlightenment.

Its bad aspect is that it may indicate that your life has become too intense. You might need to step back to keep your own light from blinding you to your path to success. It can also indicate the seasonal sadness that comes with diminished light - you may feel burned out or exhausted.

But it indicates a return to passion with a youthful exuberance, running on batteries, but still with light to share.

Shamanically, it is illumination, enlightenment -- the hierosgamos or sacred marriage of spirit and body -- the making of alchemical gold, the outpouring of the spirit of the heart, the awakening of the divine child within - the dance of joy, unfettered and without any thought of sin.

Happiness, joy, passion and illumination - success achieved but triumph perhaps delayed while you find the source of your strength.

All of this speaks of Annaliese as well as the card to me. She is a bright and blessed light in my life, and I missed her and her sun-bright husband very much this year at yule. Still she is a gift my lost boy, Lee, gave to me. She did not have to be here to be my gift, because I believe in sunrise.

One of the gifts that came with Annaliese is shared music. She played me a song called "The Devil Is My Friend" by the Jazzbutchers that has the line -- he bought me fifteen rum and cokes, and then he went too far.....

does that not say it all?

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