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Drabble: Tharbad Crossing

I have been having trouble conquering whatever it is that has been keeping me from writing. When I saw the prompt for Swimming come up, I took it as a sign - after all, the very first story I allowed out was in response to a challenge about. swimming.
Hoping to break through, I bring you this -

Title:Tharbad Crossing
Characters: Boromir
Book/Source: LotR
Everything belongs to the professor and his estate. I am grateful for the chance to be here.

for the prompt: swimming at tolkien_weekly

In the North, the old ford was know to have never given up its treacherous ways, but there had been no one on the road for days to warn him.

Man and horse were both skilled, but as they made their way across, an eerie screeching sound down toward the road had frozen their blood. One misstep was all it took.

As the reins were pulled away out of his hands, Boromir though of Osgiliath – the scream, the chill in the blood, water closing overhead…

Once again he was thankful for the day he had learned to swim.
Tags: arda, drabble

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