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Drabble: Dream of Numenor

The other brother wanted his turn.....

Title:Dream of Numenor
Characters: little Faramir
Book/Source: LotR
Everything belongs to the professor and his estate. I am grateful for the chance to be here.

for the prompt: swimming at tolkien_weekly

Dream of Numenor

His bedroom windows were wide to let in the cool breezes off the sea. Did that bring the dream to him?

He stood looking west, hypnotized by the sight and sound of the great roaring wave rushing toward him, lifting itself far above the island – almost, it seemed, far above the moon. Then nothing but darkness.

Darkness remained when he woke. Getting out of bed he climbed up to look out his window, until he was calmed at last watching all the stars shining on the sea.

“Uncle Imrahil,” he said at breakfast, “I would like to learn to swim.”
Tags: arda, drabble
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