fileg (fileg) wrote,

drabble: the arrow and the blade

The Arrow and the Blade
Boromir, Aragorn
rating: G warnings: none
book/source: LoTR
Everything belongs to the professor and his estate. I am grateful for the chance to be here.

for the prompt: archery at tolkien_weekly

“Why did you never study the bow?”

“My strength comes at the shoulder,” I replied. “And I was too good with the sword to waste.”

“It never hurts to have a distance weapon at your command. Did your brother never tell you that?”

“My brother knows me too well,” I laughed. “He says that if I carried a bow, I would use it as a club. My instinct is to rush in, hot headed and already swinging while Faramir is sighting down an arrow’s shaft and thinking.”

“You don’t just mean fighting,” he said. It was not really a question.

this conversation, in a slightly longer form (and with a slightly different ranger), comes originally from the fileg-verse
Tags: arda, drabble
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