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drabble: Three Men On The Brandywine

Three Men on the Brandywine
Characters/Pairing: 4 hobbits
rating: G warnings: none
book/source: LoTR (and implied Three Men In A Boat)
Everything belongs to the professor and his estate.
I am grateful for the chance to be here.

for the prompt: rowing at tolkien_weekly

“Merry – why did we pack all those food hampers if we aren’t going to take them aboard?”

Merry pointed to Sam, laying out a picnic on the bank. “It gives Sam something to do,” he yawned.

“Is the boat supposed to make that thumping sort of sound?”

“It’s not the boat – more that we’re still tied to the dock.”

“Is that why we never seem to use the oars?”

“My dear cousins! The rowing is not the part of a day on the river that matters. We have sunshine and birdsong and provender, and messing about in boats.”

This one carries my apologies to Jerome K. Jerome and a nod to Kenneth Grahame
Tags: arda, drabble
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