fileg (fileg) wrote,

Jim (notarysojac) went to work late today, planning to stay til midnight to do overdue service on a heavily used computer - which (as he said): "...The staff locked up when they left tonight [despite me telling them that was what I was there late for] and I have no access to the keys."

And when his boss was leaving, she told him they wanted several printed out and spiffy copies of some of the graphics he produced for their cafe. They want to HAVE them. In hand. Monday Morning. And Jim has Monday and Tuesday off. Which they have known about for weeks.

While I am glad he has a real job, and glad they generally seem to appreciate him - they do this ALL the time. Except that, usually they don't give him as much lead time as today. His boss is one of those people who, when she suddenly wants something, wants it right now. It's like working for Gandalf - no one ever tells you anything until an hour after it needed to be somewhere.

The good part is, I didn't remember this was his long weekend.

" Why do you have a long weekend? I thought you were going to take off the weekend of my birthday." (One of those days was supposed to be for his birthday, but guess who suddenly needed to have something right now!)

"This is your birthday weekend."

"No it isn't! Oh - yeah, it is!"

And he drove past the 24 hour ihop on the way home, so I have nut/multigrain pancakes waiting for breakfast.

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