fileg (fileg) wrote,

why scheduling is pointless

We have plans for tomorrow (that involve exchanging yule presents, see how far behind I have fallen this year!) and I thought we had a plan that would cover everything I need to get done before then.

Last night notarysojac and I did the mess-it-up part, where we pulled out the things we want to move/have to copy/need to wrap etc. We also managed to cataloging part, where newly arrived books, dvd, etc get entered into delicious library. Since we have both had a birthday within the last three weeks, that was a bigger pile than usual.

Tonight was put the mess away, clean bathrooms etc. But the universe never lets me get away with that!

About an hour ago I had a phone call from friends who live in the Boston area, who are passing through and want to stop and visit. Of course, I want to SEE them, but -- but---- arrrrrrgh!

So, I call jim to see if he will home a more-or-less regular time (as was the plan - but you may recall, last Friday he did not get home til after midnight, whith his project still undone.) Yeah - they gave him a project at the last minute tonight that has him printing like a fiend, and cutting and assembling, and of course, they want it there tomorrow.

He was just in the middle of figuring out if he could do all the printing, bring an extra paper cutter home, and get me to help. Then he has to take it all back to work either late tonight, or in the morning (where he could, conceivably be hijacked into another project) and try to get home before our expected company comes.

Next time - no plan. It's easier that way.

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