fileg (fileg) wrote,

hurricane irene

Hightstown, the closest town to us, is the place where we used to produce Outta Sights & Sounds folk concerts. Here you can see Peddie lake draining across the top of the road (Main street) into rocky brook, and firemen wading back to the fire station.

Hightstown is also the picture on the front page of the Weather Channel's website. The building on the corner is a restaurant currently called Theo's on the Lake, now being called Theo's in the Lake.

Our area is being advised to drink bottled rather than tap water for the time being. Other than that, we were unaffected.

Whatever confluence of effects keeps the snow from falling on us even when everyone around us gets some seems to extend to storm protection in general. We are damp, but not flooded.

It was a little spooky though to see pictures popping up of places that are literally only a couple of minutes from us.
Tags: current, storm

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