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I don't mind spiders in a normal size, but the one that just ran across the room made me try to jump up and stand in a fully reclined lazyboy. It looked like a ringding with four tiny ninjas underneath it.

Jim got up to catch it, and it ran past him twice. When he actually saw it, (it decided to charge him) he jumped back and it escaped under the sofa.

Meanwhile, I was laughing and pointing, asking how he could miss something the size of a cheetah as it ran past.

Now we both know it's under the sofa, and that if we move it, the spider will only get away again....

I'm all brave now, but when I go to bed, I'll be stuffing towels under the door

Jim adds:

Many years ago in our first apartment a similar size spider ran into the shadows under the rented dining room table. The vacuum cleaner was at hand and the shadows did not hide her from the fearsome Electrolux.

Then we had a scary-big spider in the vacuum cleaner bag... or crawling out of the bag... or hanging on in the hose... or...

So we put the vacuum outside the apartment overnight. Hopefully Ungoliant left the shadows within the Electrolux and went on her way. Perhaps she devoured a child or a Volkswagen as we had prevented her from consuming the rented furniture.
Tags: homelife
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