fileg (fileg) wrote,

spider update

Chris has a new neighbor in her building, who brought along a flea infestation which she has been fighting off for weeks now. Since she has birds, the supers will not spray her apartment when they do the rest of the building, which seems like a good way to never get rid of them to me.

When I talked to her earlier today, I mentioned that although I know she needs some down time at home, she was welcome to the couch if she wanted to escape. She declined, because she doesn't want to bring them here.

I mentioned that there was a spider the size of a ringding under the couch who would probably eat them, and she burst out laughing. Oh, fine! Use me as bait. *I have a giant spider under the couch - wanna come sleep on it?*

{I was unimpressed. Chris is not afraid of spiders, even large ones. I pointed out there is a famous story about a dinner party with some friends who work as animal photographers, where a Mexican Jumping Spider had landed in her boysenberry sorbet and had to be given a bath.}

She did say she appreciated the spirit the offer was made in.

RingDing is still somewhere about, and I am coming to think of her as a resident. I am not going to pay the extra pet rent for her, though.....
Tags: homelife
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