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fannish friday 5

Fannish Friday 5
Five favorite ships -
sailing ships, spaceships, etc., not relationships

There's something in a flying horse,
There's something in a huge balloon;
But through the clouds I'll never float
Until I have a little Boat,
Shaped like the crescent-moon.

(prologue to Peter Bell, Wordsworth)

ships are so my thing. They always have been.
So this list may change or grow all weekend....

1. Serenity
... a Ship Like This, Be With You ‘Til The Day You Die...

2. Endeavour
Yes, Captain Cook's ship - extra special to me because it's the inspiration for Inspector Morse's given name. And, she got to be a shuttle too

3. Argo
because the first story I ever wrote down (age 4) was Jason and the Argonauts go to the pet store

4. I've been in love with all the Trek ships at one time or another, but I'm partial to The Grissom.

5. Vingelot
because the silmaril represents both the morning star and the evening star, and in my personal interpretation, Eomer is Aragorn's morning star (appearing out of the grasslands at dawn) and Faramir is his evening star (standing in the window of the west at sunset.)

6. vostok 6
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