fileg (fileg) wrote,

pope joan as a miniseries - with extra footage

I had an email about Pope Joan that included information some of you may be interested in:

Many of you have been asking when you will get to see the movie version of Pope Joan. Finally I can tell you: the movie will show in the U.S. as a two-night television mini-series! It will air on REELZ TV.

The good news: no one has ever seen this version of the movie. That's because this version of Pope Joan has an additional 25 minutes of film that was excised from the theatrical release. And they make the movie even better! This special two-night mini-series also includes an interview with me and probably some "behind the scenes" film in a "Making of Pope Joan" extra. 

I'm very excited about this U.S. debut--especially as, with the extra 25 minutes, it represents the director's original vision. But as always, there's: 

Here are the details: 

1. Part One: December 18th at 8m Eastern time. And then again a second time at 8pm Pacific Time (9 pm Central, 10 pm Mountain, 11 pm Eastern time). 

2. Part Two: December 19th at 8pm Eastern time. And again at 8pm Pacific Time (9pm Central , 10 pm Mountain, 11pm Eastern).

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