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mike nelson says...

Lately, I've been recording and watching Sea Hunt. I used to absolutely love this show as a kid (probably it was just the idea of being underwater, more than any plot points.) It is dated in a way that makes Jim and I try to put a bag over our heads several times an episode. And yet, I am fascinated and amused.

I realize I was little in the 50's, but I can't remember that the women I lived with (I grew up multi-generational) cried every time you looked at them. In fact, I think that whoever was perpetrating the mayhem would have been more likely to be the one crying.

Anyway, lately there have been some amazing lines of dialog that just have me rolling on the floor, and I think I may post them to share.

Last nights episode, for instance, ended with Mike declaring:
"well, I lost my hood, but I got my man!"
Tags: quotes, seahunt, tv
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