fileg (fileg) wrote,

Writer's Block: Back on the Menu

Restaurants have a way of removing your favorite items from their menu just after you've discovered how much you love them (such as seasonal or 'limited time only' items). What beloved dish, drink, or dessert do you wish was available all the time? If you could get it anytime, how often would you do so?

Rita's Water Ices closes down in the winter, which is a shame because there is no packaged sugar free ice that is even close. I could eat the Green Tea flavor every day. Also good half and half with the mango or pineapple flavor.

And Meltykiss - also the green tea flavor. I wish I could buy it locally (although it's probably a good thing I can't) We get it sent from Japan by Jlist, and they can't mail chocolate in the hot weather.
Tags: food, writer's block

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