fileg (fileg) wrote,

saturday movie marathon

Chris came Friday night for a weekend visit and we celebrated my birthday. We had a list of movies we wanted to get to, and plans for my favorite Italian restaurant, but Jim came home from work with 3 giant bags from Harold's Deli, and we ate ourselves into the "torpid python" state.

(I had my favorite, a superdog, and for today a package of brisket the size of a baby's head. Hey, I could have used the superdog to make head-on-a-stick! Oh well, next time.... Chris had a pastrami package the size of an entire baby, and Jim had a ruben in an aluminum pan that I would cook a small turkey in. We'll be eating leftovers for days.) There was also cheesecake, which I saved for today's breakfast. While we were eating, Jim and Chris kept thanking me for having a birthday.

We also never got to our movie list, because Friday is my PBS station's mystery night, so we watched Rosemary & Thyme; Midsommer Murders and Foyle's War. We didn't get there today either, because among my presents (I love presents - Giving and Getting) Jim bought me all three seasons of Land Girls, and we just finished watching about 10 minutes ago. Is there more of this series?

In the morning, Chris will be off to a house-sitting gig, and I will be sorry I ate my entire piece of cheesecake, especially when Jim still has half of his to have for breakfast.

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