fileg (fileg) wrote,

tonight's music game --

I have my big mix (called the jewel of War mix) on random - this is what I worked to tonight:

I'll Love You A Long Time - Robin Williamson
Come Again - Garnet Rogers
Always Your Face - Cliff Eberhardt
Red Tide - Fairport Convention
Native Son - Oysterband
The Unbreakable Chain - Daniel Lanois
The Blacksmith - Steeleye Span
Over The Hills And Far Away - Sharpe Soundtrack
Everyday - Buddy Holly
Down Here - Jim Infantino
Till I Kissed You - Everly Brothers
Lancelot - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Coryanna - Stephen Fearing
Your Love has Lifted My Heart - Hart-Rouge
Island of the Strong Door Robin Williamson
The Thrasher - Stephen Fearing
Shouting 'bout Jerusalem - Oysterband
Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love - Carter & Grammer
Be My Hero - October Project
Written on the back of his hand - Lucy Kaplansky
These Islands Green - Robin Williamson
The King - Loreena McKennitt
Rogue's March - Sharpe Soundtrack
Hey Conductor - Carter and Grammer
I Am over You - Lynn Miles
I Fought The Law - Oysterband
South Dakotah Dreamer - Farm Accident

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