fileg (fileg) wrote,

a small story about a bookcase, with extra useless meandering

I took this to show cruisedirector, because she showed me her shelf when we were discussing Book Week today.

It is the barristers case that JIm and I built long ago. I stained the wood, and when I went to wash my brushes, Cinnabar jumped up and stretched out for a nap on one of them. After we scrubbed him, while we were cleaning the bathroom, he did it again. I ended up having to shave off his belly fur.

This case is just for my Tolkien, except the one volume Red Book, which is in the headboard shelf, and Celtic Mythology.

(What books do you keep where you can get to them without getting up? I have the one volume Tolkien, and the two volume Jobbes Dictionary Of Mythology, Folklore And Symbols. And a volume of Robin Williamson's poetry which he gave me a long time ago. )

On top you can see Aragorn, Toth, (patron of writers, from Stuffe and Nonsense), Totoro (this one is from J-list and is meant to hold a roll of Toilet paper, which I do NOT use him for), and Barry Windsor-Smith's "Sybellia"

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