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We still have no power at home, no heat, no stove, no hot water (but currently we do have running water), no phone (and I have no cell- Jim does, but the AT&T network was down as well, though it has come back now - just not always at home. He had to drive out to find a place with signal yesterday) But we are dry, had no damage to our apartment, and although it is chilly in the house, it is not unlivable. I can cuddle up to my sweetie and read my kindle by candlelight.

Being able to visit friends with power is a godsend. We are at Terry and Steve's right now, getting warm and having coffee (and hot food). Thank god for good friends who let you impose on them. Terry made us meatballs last night (great at any time, a special treat this time) and let us recharge all our rechargable equipment and batteries, and post out to let people know we are basically ok.

No word on when we will have power back, but compared to the areas that took heavy hits we are doing well. I'm concerned about being able to vote. This is no time to let that slide.

I'll check in when I can. Keep us in your thoughts!
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