fileg (fileg) wrote,

quiz: inner gay man

Ok, who sent me to this quiz? C'mon, who? I would have sworn it was Doug, but he doesn't know where to find me...

You're David Bowie
I know what you're thinking: David Bowie isn't gay!
But you have to admit, he ain't exactly
straight either. (Hello,
"Labyrinth"?) Rather than squeeze
yourself into a label, you screw with them
until they're meaningless. What you're really
good at is inciting confusion, but from the
chaos rises clarity, and beauty. Your inner
Bowie probably speaks to you in whispered urges
to shout obscenities in church or talk to a
complete stranger like you're old friends. Let
his schizoid genius burst through every once in
a while; it will make you seem more
interesting. Promise.

Who's your inner gay man?
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Tags: music, quiz

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