fileg (fileg) wrote,

I guess I am officially old now....

I was coming down the hall to the living room, and since my hands were full and the light in the bedroom was on behind me, I decided not to try and get the hall light on.

That would have been fine, but I forgot that we had pulled the blanket chest into the coffee table position during the blackout so we could put the flashlights in a central place, and then decided to leave it there in case we lost power in the snowstorms.

So- I walked directly into the corner of the blanket chest, went over the top and landed on the floor on my left knee. Then, because my brain refused to drop what I was holding, i continued forward and hit my face on the ice chest by my chair.

That glass of seltzer was history, so I might as well have dropped it when I first hit, and I might have caught myself.
Tags: family
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