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elf math

I was looking up completely unrelated information for a story when I encountered this info about Elrond's children:

technically, they are five eighths elf, two eighths human and one eighth maia.

I knew that was wrong, so...

I got sucked into the math, (math is not my strongest suit) and I don't come out with those figures.

Here's my math - am I missing info somewhere? Is Maia blood stronger?

Thingol (elven) + Melian (maia)

Luthien (1/2 elven 1/2 maia) + Beren (human)

Dior (1/2 human 1/4 elven 1/4 maia) + Nimloth (elven)

Elwing (10/16 elven 2/16 maia 1/4 human) + Earendil (1/2 elven 1/2 human)

Elrond (9/16 elven 6/16 human 1/16 maia) + Celebrian (elven)

Elrohir, Elladan, Arwen: ( 25/32 elven 6/32 human 1/32 maia)
Tags: arda, geeky
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