fileg (fileg) wrote,


december 20:
Go Caroling Day
Games Day

I have been singing carols here in the living room all day, but I stopped when Jim came home, because I sound like Tom Waits (not in the good way, which is when he sounds like Tom Waits.)

I wish cold, part II would go away. I would like to be writing. I would like to be wrapping and e-shopping with a little enthusiasm. I would like to feel up to going out to see *that* movie. I would like to curl up with a book if energy is not possible, but I can't concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes.

I wanted to share a TIm Minchin song for carol singing day, but I realized that a lot of people would find it offensive, so maybe not. (it is stuck in my head now)

I'll try to do better tomorrow!
Tags: celebrate, winter

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