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"People who prefer e-books think that books merely take up space. This is true, but so do your children and Prague and the Sistine Chapel.” -- Joe Queenan, ONE FOR THE BOOKS

I so disagree with this attitude, and I am tired of hearing it everywhere. I have thousands of real books in my little apartment, and I still love my kindle.

When I want to re-read something, unless it is a favorite with a special place , I frequently can't even find it on my 3 or 4 deep paperback shelves.

Now that I am getting old, I am becoming nervous about the climb up to my top shelves. I am also finding 800+ page hardbacks harder to hold in bed. My husband and I, two compulsive readers, have lived in the same apartment for 35 years. There comes A point where there IS no more room. We sold 4000 paperbacks to our local used bookstore at Christmas, and still have not managed to get all the loose books off the floor.

When I couldn't go home after the hurricane, I had my kindle in my bag and I had that small security that wherever I ended up for the night, I would not "run out of book" as we say here.

There will always be beloved books all over my house. I consider my e-books as a category between *must own* and *library books* And I have clear preferences for particular things. My new WETA book had to be physical. Holding it and smelling it are as good as reading it. On the other hand, we have lots of manga titles that run to many vols. I can't wait till I can collect things like that on my kindle.

Truthfully, not every book I read is worthy of the little space I have. I spent a lot of this year reading Inspector Lynley - 18 books, most of them 600+ pages. I can't stop reading them, but they aren't' getting shelf space from me, because I will never read them again.

Maybe it's that other peoples children are welcome to visit? Or that I may be willing to give space to Prague but I don't want to have to dust every city on the planet.

I just find this "real vrs e" thing silly. An artificial argument. I love them both, and they are both great at what they do. What I want is WORDS. All the time.

I suspect many of us who prefer to READ don't get this silly real book vrs e book rivalry. I am just boggled by seeing this opinion so many places. I remember when readers were considered "dorky." I don't get this artificial division, and especially I don't understand why people want to belittle folks who have a preference.
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