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seen with myth_adventure - though hers look easier to keep than mine. I don't fancy parting with my Edward Scissorhands.

In 2013, fileg resolves to...
Put fifty john adams a month into my savings account.
Tell my family about foxes.
Give some edward scissorhands to charity.
Take evening classes in oysterband.
Ask my boss for a gondor.
Lose ten plantagenets by March.
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That Plantagenet thing happened with some regularity....

On the twelfth day of Christmas, fileg sent to me...
Twelve corvids drumming
Eleven icons piping
Ten foxes a-leaping
Nine plantagenets dancing
Eight mysteries a-milking
Seven graphics a-swimming
Six forensics a-writing
Five da-a-a-aniel lanois
Four venture brothers
Three northern lights
Two action figures
...and a thyme in a mythology.
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