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quotes I liked today:

"What the hell is that thing?" This is not something anyone wants to hear while standing in an Amazonian swamp. ~Lost in the amazon, Mathew Power~

Later, I stopped by the Colosseo to see a local combo (sax, bongos, harp, accordion, xylophone) rush through a variety of show tunes so they could disembark before the ship left Sweden. ~A House is a Machine to Live In - J. C. Hallman~

To mingle, merge, mill, jostle gently, and flock together with throngs, swarms, mobs, and multitudes of persons slight or hefty, punky or preppy, young or ancient, wandering through the hubbub and amplified razzmatazz and raw neon and clouds of wiener steam in search of some elusive thing, nobody is sure exactly what. ~Take in the State Fair - Garrison Keillor~
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