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Dream 1- me

Last night I had a dream that Robin Wood and I were shopping. The store we wanted to go into had couple of roped lanes to navigate just inside. There was no one else there, so I started into the "maze" but Robin didn't want to go that way.

This was when I noticed that she had her hair in a long white braid wrapped around her head with little purple primroses tucked in (it looked great, btw) and was carrying a covered basket.

She moved one of the stanchions and started to climb over. When I called out to see what she was doing, she put her finger to her lips and shushed me, saying, "when I am dressed like this, you have to call me Babs."

(Miss you Babs! Are you ok? Hope everything is good where you are.)


Dream 2: notarysojac

Chris stopped by yesterday and one of the things I wanted to show her was last weeks Graham Norton with Benedict Cumberbatch. On that show was a musical number by Bonni Tyler, and that got the three of us reminiscing about driving around in her van playing the soundtrack to Tanz der Vampire.

Several years back, Chris had a series of break-ins to her van, and every time they got in, they stole her cd wallet. She lost a ton of cds, and that was one of them, so she asked if she could borrow mine.

Last night, Jim had a dream that I was telling this story on line, and in the comments, someone said, "did you see this?" and left a link to a blu-ray / dvd combo box set. please feel free to leave me such a link.....
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